Top natural remedies or alternative medicine for depression

I’m really glad that you’ve decided to look at natural remedies or alternative medicine for depression, including herbal antidepressants. I suspect you don’t like the idea of taking antidepressant medication prescribed by your doctor at all. Perhaps you’re on antidepressants at the moment, and they’re not helping… or – very likely – they’re causing even more problems.

Just before we get started, you may want to know more about the signs and symptoms of depression. If so, hop over to my Depression Questionnaire. I’ll still be here when you get back.

Antidepressant medication can have some nasty side effects. Alternative medicine for depression is the better option in terms of both short and long-term benefits, as well as safety. However, they still contain substances that have an effect on your brain (and the rest of your body). But don’t worry – I’m here to help you choose wisely, and find the best alternative medicine for you.

At least by taking natural cure for your depression you won’t be exposing yourself to numerous (depressing) side effects from medication your doctor may want to prescribe.

I’m going to give you ideas about what you can take.  You’ll need to continue to research for yourself – but I’ve given you some links at the end of this article to help you with this.  You need to feel happy with the natural remedies you decide to take.

Whatever you swallow affects your brain and body

Everything you swallow provides the raw material (or not) for the production of important ‘chemicals’ (hormones, peptides, neurotransmitters etc.) in your body/brain. All that stuff ensures that your body do what it’s supposed to do.

These substances have an effect on all processes in your body though – not just what happens in your head. That’s why tablets – like as antidepressants – manufactured by pharmaceutical companies have some ‘unexpected’ side-effects. And therefore you also have to be choosy about your natural remedies for depression.

In addition, the foods you eat (or don’t eat) have an effect on how you feel mentally and emotionally.

It’s vital to make sensible food choices. Good quality food contains all the natural ingredients for the production of those important body chemicals. We need proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. We need them in a particular combination to achieve optimum mental and physical health.

A guide to what is depression – Know common causes and symptoms

Depression is a common problem these days. According to the reports, more than 70% people across the world suffer from different types of depression. More interestingly, a lot of people even do not know that they are suffering from depression. So, at this time of the world, we need to know the term depression with more perfection. It is better to keep away the myths and understand the facts regarding depression. So, the question is – what is depression? To define depression in simple words, it can be said that this is a basically a mental health problem that occurs due to various conditions, under various circumstances.

What is Depression?

Different medical experts define depression in different manner. It is hard to give a concrete definition of depression. It can generally be identified as a mental disorder or mental disturbance that can be experienced on short term or long term basis. As it is a mental disorder, there is no reason to consider it as lesser harmful than any other physical disorders. In fact, depression can lead to various critical physical damages. For example, a depressed person experiences quick mood swings.  Due to this, sometimes they can attempt suicide or hurting themselves in some ways. Depression also leaves a lot of physical problems, like heart disorders, brain diseases, hormonal imbalances, etc. In the following section of this article, we shall discuss some of the common causes of depression:

Various Causes of Depression

In our modern as well as contemporary society, talking about depression is a necessary thing. People need to understand the term depression more precisely. Optimal awareness amongst the people can solve this disease with perfection. To know depression in better manner, let us discuss salient casus behind this mental imbalance:

  1. Mental Stress: Too much mental stress leads to depression of different kinds. People acquire mental stress due to various reasons from various sources. For example, too much worried about something or hypertension is a common cause behind mental stress. Mental stress can also be caused by over workload. This is why people working in corporate sectors are mostly vulnerable to mental stresses. Their mental stress leads to depression in most of the cases.
  2. Consumption of Alcohol or Chain Smoking: If you are a heavy alcohol consumer or a chain smoker, depression can occur to you very commonly. Regular alcohol consumption should be restricted into occasional habit. Moreover, when you feel sad, try doing something productive rather consuming alcohol or indulge in smoking.
  3. Failure in Relationship: Failure in relationship is often found to be a common cause behind depression. This type of depression results into dreadful consequences. If you are suffering from such depression situations, it is better to consult an experienced psychologist.
  4. Pressure of Studies on Kids: Depression amongst kids is common and mostly that is caused by pressure of studies. Often parents want to make their kids best in all aspects. Failing to stand out with such immense pressure of expectations, depression for kids takes place.

Common Symptoms of Depression

To know what is depression, it is equally important to know the symptoms of depression. Some of the common symptoms are:

  • Feeling sad often or constantly
  • Feeling tremendous mental pressure
  • Feeling low
  • Quick mood swing
  • Over attracted towards alcohol or cigarettes
  • Feeling guilty

Depression can lead to many physical as well as mental challenges. So, it is important to consult a psychologist as soon as possible. If you suspect depression is creeping in slowly in your mind, you should consult psychologists for quick medical solutions and mental counseling. Before consulting a psychologist, know his or her skills, specialization and certifications.

Depression in kids

Key points to remember

  • depression is a serious illness that interferes with everyday life
  • it is important to get help if concerned about child depression
  • depression can be treated effectively

What is depression?

Lots of children feel sad or upset some of the time, when they think that everything is going wrong with friends, at school, and at home. Depression is different to feeling sad or miserable – it’s an illness and its symptoms last for a long time and interfere with a child or young person carrying on with their everyday activities.

How common is it?

Depression is experienced by approximately five percent of children. Both boys and girls can be affected by the illness. Depression is more common in teenagers – affecting approximately nine percent of young men and 18 percent of young women.

Children and young people who are at higher risk for depression are those who are very stressed, have learning or behaviour difficulties, or have experienced a loss.

What causes it?

No one knows the exact cause of depression but a combination of environmental and biological factors are thought to be important. Research has indicated that depression can run in families who may have vulnerable genes. Stressful and negative events can also cause depression, and alcohol and drug use and physical illnesses increase a person’s chances of experiencing depression. A person who focuses on negative aspects of life is also more likely to experience depression.

What are the signs and symptoms?

The symptoms of depression are often different for different people.

Common symptoms are:

  • feeling miserable, irritable, and unable to cope
  • anger and rage, verbal sarcasm and attack
  • overreaction to criticism
  • low self-confidence
  • feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and guilt
  • difficulty experiencing pleasure like they used to
  • loss of sexual desire in adolescents
  • trouble sleeping, or waking up earlier than usual
  • changes in appetite
  • frequent complaints of physical illness (such as headaches, stomach aches)
  • poor concentration, memory and decision making skills
  • being overwhelmed and thinking negatively about the future
  • rebellious refusal to work or cooperate
  • thoughts of suicide and self-harm

Depression in children and young people is different to adults, and they may be more irritable and rebellious than sad. Children and young people may not be able to express in words how they are feeling because of their age. Also, they may deny that they have a problem or ‘put on a happy face’ because they are concerned that people will think there is something wrong with them and they do not understand what is going on for them.

It is important not to discount symptoms of depression as ‘just being a teenager’ and a phase that they will grow out of. This is not the case. Depression is a serious illness that needs to be addressed properly.

The signs and symptoms of depression may be shared with other childhood problems (such as anxiety) and can require professional help to assess properly.

When should I seek help?

If you are concerned that a child or young person is depressed and they have been experiencing symptoms for a long period of time (longer than a few weeks) it is important that you seek help. It is important that an assessment takes place by a professional who knows about depression in children and young people. Physical examinations are also recommended to ensure that there is no underlying illness causing the symptoms.

Going to your family doctor is the recommended first step as they will be able to provide guidance about where to get further help. This may involve a referral to child and adolescent mental health services which can provide specialist assessment and interventions for depression.

What is the treatment?

Medication and psychological therapy are the two researched treatments for depression – these can be used independently or in combination. The severity of the depression and personal preference will often determine what treatment choice is made.

Antidepressant medication influences the chemicals in the brain to improve a person’s mood, and can be helpful for moderate to severe depression. Medication is prescribed by a doctor and needs to be taken for a number of weeks for a difference to be experienced. People usually stay on medication for a number of months. Antidepressant medication is not addictive. Doctors will discuss with you how the medication works and any potential side effects, which are usually short-lived and easily manageable.

Psychological therapy is effective in learning ways to overcome depression. Each person’s experience is different and the focus of therapy is on thoughts, feelings and behaviours and learning new ways to deal with difficult situations, and to change the way people think about events and situations.

Learn about various depression help – Knowing the contemporary treatment options

Depression is a word that sounds enough depressing. Especially, for those, who are suffering from chronic depression disorders. We have a lot of misconceptions regarding depression. Some people think it happens to only a few people. Well, to correct you, depression is one of the most common mental disorders around the world. Several people suffer from it due to several reasons. Some people also think that depression is equivalent to madness. Well, it is not that true. Depression can lead to madness or complete mental imbalance. But, it is initially cannot be equaled to madness. To know the right facts are essential for treating depression. Awareness certainly increases depression help. In the following section of this article, check out the treatments for depression.

Quick facts for depression help

For depression help, you need to know the reasons behind your depression. Sometimes, the reasons are easy to understand. For example, you work too much and spend a lot of time in office, coping with the various works. In such cases, depression can cause due to your too much dedication towards your work. It is not bad to be dedicated, but over dedication leads to stressfulness and that leads to supreme depression cases. Some reasons of depression are not easy to understand. It happens to kids specially, who are raised up in complicated environment. In such cases, it has been noted that there are more than one reason behind depression. To understand the reasons, mental counseling is required before you are recommended some remedies for curbing depression.

Treatment Options for Depression

When it comes to depression treatments, you will find ample of solutions. But, all solutions are not recommended to all. Basically the causes behind depression and magnitude of depressions are the biggest factors here. So, let us know various treatment options for depression:

  • Mental Counseling: mental counseling the best way for depression help. For effective mental counseling, you need to visit an experienced as well as certified psychologist. Under his or her supervision and expertise counseling session, your depression can be partly or completely removed from your life.
  • Emotional Support: A person who is suffering from major or minor or other type of depression needs support from his friends and family members. So, someone close to your heart is undergoing depression disorders, you should give him enough mental support. Good support from the closed one heals a lot of problems magically and quickly.
  • Good sleep: Depression is caused by mental unrest as well as stress. For battle out mental stress and unrest, you need to undergo a healthy sleeping session on daily basis. Good sleep will keep you fresh and your mind will stay out of immense stressfulness.
  • Abiding by psychologist’s guidelines: It is important for you to abide by the guidelines of the psychologist. An experienced psychologist will give you some guidelines as depression treatments. So, you need to follow those things religiously.
  • Give up smoking and alcohol consumption: It is always good to give up alcohol consumption, if you are undergoing depression treatments. At the same time, you need to quit smoking or lessen up your habit of smoking.
  • Over the counter medicines: A good physician cum psychologist will also suggest you some over the counter medicines for a certain period of time as remedies for depression.
  • Read inspiring stories: When depression trigger, people tend to lose their motivation and hey sometimes hurt themselves or commit suicidal attempts out of extreme despair. You need to read motivational stories from various celebrities and renowned people, especially those who had depression and then they successful curbed their depression.

To know more about depression and to learn about various other treatment options, get in touch with an experienced psychologist.