Symptoms and effects for Atypical Depression

Any type of depression will make you feel unhappy and miserable and keep you from appreciating life in its fullest. Nevertheless, atypical depression which is also termed as depression with atypical characteristics is the kind of disorder that your unhappy mood can brighten in reaction to positive events. Some important symptoms include amplified appetite, over sleeping, feeling weight in your body, and feeling completely rejected.

In spite of its unusual name, atypical depression is not rare or uncommon. It usually affects how you sense things and events consider and react, and this can lead to emotional and other health related problems. You can generally have distress during attending to normal day to day activities, and occasionally you can even feel as though life is not worth living.

Atypical Depression

This type of depression is a sub type of major depression that includes in a lot of cases numerous specific symptoms, including increased appetite and weight increase, excessive sleep all through the day, noticeable fatigue, tiredness or weakness, moods swings that are powerfully responsive to surrounding circumstances, and feeling enormously sensitive to rejection. Atypical depression can be an indicator for both major depression and dysthymic disorder. Individuals suffering from atypical depression have frequently had episodes of depression mainly at a very early age, during their teenage years.

Symptoms of any type depression can differ from person to person based on circumstances. Important signs and symptoms of atypical depression includes the following

  1. A sudden increase in appetite that can cause massive weight advancement
  2. Increased longing to sleep a lot throughout the day, frequently more than 10 hours a day.
  3. Unhappiness and depressive mood that momentarily revitalizations to brighter moods in reaction to happy news or positive events.
  4. Feeling heavy in your arms and legs. Difficulty to do any activity because of the weight in arms and legs.
  5. Higher sensitivity and fear of rejection that causes a lot of strain in relationships and social life. It can even affect your work life.

Other symptoms of atypical depression also may include the following. They are not key symtoms but they to have an adverse effect on the person

Sleeplessness or insomnia all through the night

  1. Highly disorderly eating. Binging and starving in a cycle and other eating disorderly eating habits like bulimia and Restrictive Food Intake Disorder.
  2. Extremely poor body image issues and unhappiness on feeling fat and unattractive.
  3. Body pains, Headaches and other health issues.

Dysthymic disorder is a psychological condition concerning the continuance of a unhappy and depressed temperament for a lot of days, that is at least a two year time period in adults and at least a year in children and teenagers in addition to at least two of the above mentioned symptoms, but a little lesser than the five symptoms which define a the same disorder.

Treatments for Atypical Depression

Medications and psychotherapy are the most operative treatments for most people with any type depression, which includes this type of depression. Consult your family doctor or primary doctor or psychiatrist who can prescribe drugs and medications to improve the disorder. Nevertheless, a lot of people with this type of depression also get assistance from a psychologist, therapist or other mental health professional who can help with the situation. Sometimes in a few cases in case of severe depression symptoms and suffer from suicidal thoughts, you may need to be hospitalized for a few days. In other cases you may also be required to partake in outpatient treatment operations until your symptoms improve.