How to deal with anxiety effectively?

If you easily get panic attacks and feel overwhelmed, then you are not alone. There are millions of people out there and in certain cases, it is normal to get stressed up before a client meet or something else that is really important. As per a recent survey, there are more than 40 million Americans who suffer from chronic anxiety and that is not a matter of joke. Obsessive Compulsive disorder, social phobias, post traumatic stress syndrome and the likes have become very quite common these days and these are more than the ‘normal’ stress that you go through. If you experience anxiety from time to time, it is important that you do something about it. So, how to deal with anxiety? Are there any anxiety treatments?

There are certain things that you can do to get relief from anxiety and here in this article we would discuss just that:

Lifestyle changes

Get rid of anxiety induced drinks and food from your diet. This might sound simple but it is really tough to eliminate foods or drinks from your diet that you ingest every single day.  Let’s have a look at them:

  • Coffee happens to be the favorite energy drink for many but it also happens to be a leading cause of anxiety. If you drink coffee every day in the morning, you can replace it with decaffeinated tea or a few glasses of water. It might be tough for the initial few days but you will experience a reduction in your anxiety levels over time.
How to deal with anxiety effectively?
  • Many people feel that eating sugary food can give them relief from stress and anxiety as comfort foods like cookies and ice cream…well…of course provide momentary relief and comfort. However, that is not how things work in reality. The rise and fall in your blood sugar levels can lead more fluctuations in your emotion levels. Replace ice cream with fruits instead!
  • Alcohol also offers momentary relief but the hangover neutralizes the initial ‘feel good’ sensation. Drink less if you have to make sure hydrate yourself well.

You can also add mood-enhancing food in your diet.

  • Include antioxidants rich food in your diet like blueberries as these enhance your mood and reduce hormones responsible for anxiety.
  • Foods like pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, fish and the likes are rich in potassium and magnesium and these can help lower your anxiety levels as well.

Anxiety-relieving exercises

Exercise is a popular anxiety treatment and there are specific exercises that offer better results than others. These help to relieve the symptoms and do not only offer momentary relief but long term relief. If someone asks you how to deal with anxiety, then you can suggest the following exercises:

  • Running, biking and other cardio vascular exercises
  • Yoga is another thing that you can try out as this helps to give relief from the symptoms
  • Deep breathing exercise is another popular way of treating anxiety

If the thought of exercise makes you feel anxious, then you can try with low-impact exercises in the beginning.

deal with anxiety effectively
Deal with anxiety effectively

Do things that you love

Anxiety and stress often builds up when you do not have anything in your life to detox your problems. Thus, it is really important that you engage yourself in things that you enjoy doing the most. This can be anything like reading books, playing your favorite sports, listening to music, getting on with a new hobby or anything else that you want.