Top 5 reasons behind teen depression

Depression amongst the teenagers is a growing concern all over the world, and several factors are mainly responsible for this. Mainly due to the hectic lifestyle of people today, parents do not get enough time to manage their kids. As a result, teenagers get detached from their parents with growing ages. Apart from that, pressure is too much on studies these days. In the rat race of becoming educated, teenagers often lose their motivation and fall under deep depression. However, apart from all these basic reasons, several other factors are there. All these factors are needed to be analyzed to understand teenage depression. Here in this article, we shall discuss those reasons behind teen depression.

Reasons behind teen depression

When it comes to understanding causes for depression amongst teenagers, you need to understand teenage psychology. This is a critical time of brain development. During this time, several hormonal changes happen, which has huge impact over the psychology amongst the teenagers. So, let us take a look on those causes one by one:

  • Academic Stress

Academic stress has been noted widely as one of the most prominent reasons behind teenager depression. These days, parents want their kids to become first in every aspect. From sports to studies – parents indulge huge burden of expectations on the kids. As a result, when failure takes place, teenagers start getting into depression. Failure is the time, when family members require standing beside the kids. But, sadly in many cases the opposite thing happens. Teenagers think that they have let down their parents, and thus they find themselves under utter depression. Fighting against such depression is important; as such depressed conditions can lead to malign consequences. Tendencies of suicidal attempt amongst the teenagers are increasing due to this reason. Hence, parents need to be more careful.

  • Peer Pressure and Social Anxiety

We all are the parts of the society. From childhood, we are taught that human beings are social animals. We need a society to survive and sustain in this world. But, at the same time, staying in a society attaches a lot of stigma and dogma to our life as well as lifestyle. In modern era, teenagers often try to rip apart those dogmatic ideas in order to find a better living. This is where they feel under pressure of tremendous psychological barriers. Sometimes, chasing freedom from social stigma attracts consuming illegal drugs, alcohol, etc. All these things have huge impact over our physical as well as mental health.

  • Problems with Opposite Sex

It has been noted that depression amongst teenagers generates due to interactions between opposite sex. It is common to get attracted towards the opposite sex, but that often leads to many failures in relationship. At tender age, we do not have enough maturity to understand relationship. When relationship fails, we plunge into depression. Such depressions are quite common these days amongst the kids.

  • Cravings for Gadgets

It sounds funny, but it is true that depression amongst kids has been noted due to over desire for gadgets. A lot of teenagers feel depressed today when their parents cannot get them the latest gadgets. This may seem an unusual case of teen depression, but this problem is growing with the advent of time.

  • Poor Relationship amongst Parents

When parent fight with each other, it is bound to affect the kids. This type of depression is quite common amongst the teenagers. When they watch their parents fighting each other, they tend to lose faith in good relationship. They make themselves aloof or completely unsocial. Such kids need mental counseling under the supervision of an experienced as well as certified psychologist.