Causes and symptoms of Clinical Depression in an individual

The persistent feeling of sadness, being moody or feeling low for a long time is generally termed as depression in an individual. This can be for several weeks or even several months and is a long term syndrome. This does not only take a toll on the person’s mental situation but also on his physical condition. In such cases people stop interacting with the outside world, stop eating etc. This worsens their condition.  This syndrome makes people lose interest in their work and all sorts of other activities. You may develop a constant feeling of irritation within you and you seem to lose all concentration in work.

What exactly is Clinical Depression?

Clinical Depression

Clinical depression in a person is generally noticed when a person stays depressed throughout the day and is unable to concentrate in his work at any point of time. Generally people undergoing clinical depression seem to face this problem on a minimum basis of twice a day. The most common symptoms that are experienced by a person going through clinical depression are:

  • A constant feeling of energy loss throughout the day.
  • A persistent feeling of guilt that seems to evade the mind of the individual.
  • A significant and abnormal amount of weight loss.
  • Impaired concentration.
  • Constant feelings of committing suicide or harming oneself.
  • Restlessness or constant feeling of irritation.
  • Insomnia or passing sleepless nights.

These symptoms can become severe enough to make you react awkwardly in different situations. It can hamper your relation and make you spoil things badly. You may not be able to control you own feelings or be unaware of it at certain point of time. Clinical depression can be a result of anxiety or some form of shock that the person has received at some point of time. The intensity of the depression generally depends on the magnitude of the shock received by the person. If the incident is a minor one the person may recover in a short period of time. But in case of major incidents individuals may get into a long term depression.

Ways to cure Clinical Depression:

There are several ways in which clinical depression can be cured. The most common one is through the method of constant counseling though it depends on the magnitude of the shock received by the person. There are a number of counselors who counsel people through this and help them come back to their normal lives. It is very important for people related to a person suffering from clinical depression to provide the individual with an environment that will help him or her forget the reason of their agony. It is important for the individual to forget the incidents that have been the reason of his or her situation. Anti-depressant medications are also a way to cure such patients. In case an individual’s cannot be cured through verbal counseling, doctors opt for medication for these patients. Patients who suffer from such long term depression can be a threat to both themselves and to the people around them.


It will not be possible for a common man to realize the situation of a person going through such depressions. People seem to lose every bit of their normal sense. These patients need intense care and love to come out of situations. Unwanted circumstances and problems can result in the extension of these symptoms in the person.