A Discourse on the Anxiety and Depression

Two of the most common medical conditions in today’s world are anxiety and depression. These are nothing but a complicated set of functional and emotional challenges. Both anxiety and depression can be initiated by a number of factors like psychological and emotional challenges, physical, nutritional, spiritual, social and environmental factors together with brain ailments or genetic diseases.

There is often confusion in deducing the difference between anxiety and depression and people remain doubtful as to what their actual problem is. Below a discussion is put forward that will help you to analyse what is the actual disease that they have.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression-A Discussion

A detailed description of both the ailments are provided below that will help you to understand the difference between the two.


This one may serve as a prompt reaction to a stressful situation and serves as a prompt reaction to deal with difficulty. The anxiety disorder is caused when this anxiety occurs at an excessive level. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, one of every five people in America experiences anxiety disorder making it the most common ailment of the United States.

When you feel worried, uneasy or terrified, it is a result of a number of emotional, behavioural and physical symptoms that are ingredients of the anxiety disorder. This uneasiness often gives rise to headaches, tiredness, ache in the muscle, muscle tension, trembling, swallowing difficulty, hot flashes, sweating and irritability. People suffering from this often withdraw into a nutshell and avoid contact with people. Racing thoughts, fear and a constant feeling of being doomed are among the many emotional challenges faced by these people.

Though, the most common are generalized anxiety disorder there are other anxiety disorders too like that of panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and phobia.


Depression is such an ailment that can slowly suck out all the interest to live and make you feel helpless. Nowadays, about more than 16 million American residents suffer from this and majority of them also consume antidepressants. Depression is quite different from that of anxiety. Unlike people suffering from anxiety disorder who feel uncertainty and fear all the time people suffering from depression are quite different.

Depressed people are not anxious about their future that what if something bad happens to them. In fact, they already know what will happen surely. They know they are going to suffer from some grave consequences. They will suffer in future the same way they are suffering now.

The main symptoms of depression are the following:

  • The fun activities which you used to relish earlier become boring now and you lose interest.
  • You feel hopeless and sad all the time.
  • You suffer from lack of energy and physical aches.
  • You feel it hard to face things, concentrate and make decisions.
  • You lose or gain weight as well as appetite.
  • You are not able to sleep.
  • You may think of death and suicide all the time.

Depression can hit you suddenly or may continue for a long period of time with milder main symptoms. Depression can make you feel that you are the worst person on the face of this earth.

From the above you can know the main difference between depression and anxiety that will help you to detect the problem that you are suffering from and act accordingly.