How to reduce depression caused by work

Depression caused by work in Office is a topic of increasing concern these days. More and more stories employees are stressed and suffer mental breakdowns in work place are heard every day. With the ever growing technology and science the world has become much smaller and hence people are always connected to work even when they are not in office. Also with more job pressure, inadequate breaks, no holidays, office politics, burden to perform better. All these factors increase the already pressurized mind and causes depression and mental breakdowns. When one of the employees is depressed, it can disturb not only that particular employee’s efficiency and contentment, but the whole mood of his or her workplace and colleagues and their efficiency too. Fortunately, depression in the workplace is not incurable or hopeless. Rather than taking drastic measures like firing a good employee there are other ways someone who is depressed at work.

depression caused by work

Depression caused by work

A Contented Workplace

Work can actually reduce the possibility of becoming depressed as ur provides a sense of accomplishment. In spite of this, there are situations in which work is less than beneficial to overall happiness and cause depression in the workplace.  Hence a workplace needs to have certain basic needs to keep the employees happy.

  1. Good working conditions which includes satisfactory levels of light, fresh air, less noise, comfortable temperature of the place.
  2. Optimal amount of workload that is not too much or too little
  3. Jobs that are not monotonous and boring to keep mind active and healthy.
  4. A good support system in office, friendly colleagues, a good boss, a proper Human resource guide.
  5. Proper guidance and support along with training and just performance evaluation and promotions and and when suitable.
  6. Fair and equal pay and offering raises at correct times.

What to do as a boss or a manager

As a manager, your responsibility is to ensure the needs of the business are met. If personal problems are damaging an employee’s capability to complete a task in the workplace efficiently and fulfill their workplace duties, you need to support the employee and advise them to get help for themselves. It is not your duty to analyze depression caused by work but it is your responsibility to recognize difficulties from employees that are interfering with performance at the office and deal with them. This may mean referring that particular sub ordinate to the business employee assistance program, if you have one or human resources.

Primary intervention on the early days on your part will permit for a better effective treatment. You can be even more supportive by permitting them to take time off from work if it is psychologically necessary and ease the employee’s work load in the project by adjusting work strains and expectations, if possible. It is also vital to look at the work atmosphere provided in your office to ensure that you are providing healthy working conditions and not adding to the stress levels of your employees.

Employees to help themselves

If you are suffering from depression caused by work it is always better to seek advice from proper sources. Your company may have programs and departments to assist you or you can seek professional help. Do not stop working completely as soon as you are depressed as it will escalate the situation. Work on whatever you are capable of doing, even routine tasks. However if you are unhappy with a work environment inform it. Or if you do not like your workplace try for some other job. Doing nothing, and resting at home, will only increase your feelings of insignificance and contribute more to your depressed mood.