Symptoms and Effects of depression caused by car accident

There are thousands of car accidents on road every day. Millions of people all around the world die of car accidents year after year. A major car accident affects a person in many ways more than just death. It can leave lifelong physical injuries and even cripple a person. Sometimes there are many bodily injuries to a person that he or she may have to be hospitalized for months. Some people find it very difficult to get back to normal life as their physical strength has gone down considerably because of the accident.

The car accident can also leave lasting impacts in a person’s mind. An individual can suffer from a lot of psychological trauma as an after effect of the accident. An accident besides leaving a person physically weak also weakens mind of some. Physical injuries in car accident and the Pain and problems it causes can put a person over tremendous strain. These difficulties can eat you up and over time, and may start affecting your normal mood. Lingering pain causes numerous problems that can lead to depression caused by car accident.  A car accident can also hurt a person financially and cause legal troubles from the individual which increases the overall troubles combined with constant pain can cause low self-esteem and feeling of hopelessness. If the pain from injury stop a person from going to work or continue is normal activities it can add to the overall feeling of helplessness and lead to major depression

Shock, Trauma wounds, damages and disability that often occur along with an auto accident can leave many of its victims with major depression.

Depression caused by car accident

Symptoms of Depression caused by car accident

Although symptoms of depression can differ from individual to individual following are some of the most common Symptoms of Depression after a car accident

  • Feelings of unhappiness, sadness, and hollowness for a long time almost every day
  • Loss of interest in regular activities that an individual used to relish doing before the accident.
  • Complete loss of appetite and anemia or excessive eating due to stress. Some People after accidents tend to over eat to forget the pain. Some even become addicted to food.
  • Some people due to pain from the accidents sleep throughout the whole day. There are others who cannot sleep at all and suffer from insomnia.
  • Anxiety, fear and general feeling of restlessness.
  • Feeling tired for no apparent reason. Fatigue and weariness all through the day.
  • Feelings of insignificance or guilt almost every day.
  • Lack of concentration in all activities and loss of memory combined with loss of alertness and quickness in activities.
  • Touchiness and frustration over petty issues, constant anger and irritation even over small matters.
  • Crying for a long time for no apparent reason or very small reason.

Depression caused by car accident can affect a person in a numerous ways. Psychological trauma affects a person in many facets. Some may even have fear of driving a car for a long term. It is extremely difficult for a person who got into a car accident to get over it quickly. If any person associated in the car accident has died or gotten a serious injury the other person involved has a feeling of constant guilt and touchiness. Even that may cause feeling of unhappiness resulting in major depressive episodes.