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What is depression

Many individuals have passed through depression once in a while. The feeling of sadness or depression might be your usual reaction towards injured self-esteem, struggles of life and losses. So, the question is – What is Depression? Depression can be termed as original illness impacting the brain. Or can be put in this way – it (depression) is a severe illness that occurs owing to the transformations in the brain chemistry.

There is some other definitions citing on – What is Depression? Depression not only is a critical illness but also the most common one. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) – depression is among the most hindering disorders worldwide that affects at least 1 in 5 females and 1 in 10 males at a certain point during their life. It has been anticipated that 21 percent among ladies and 12 percent among men in the United States are likely to experience periods of depression during their life.

A simple definition too exists on What is Depression? When you feel low, sad or even moody occasionally then few people pass through such feelings extremely for a longer period say for weeks or months or years and unfortunately without any sole reason at times. So, depression can be stated as a low mood – a critical illness that affects on both your mental as well as physical health.

Depression isn’t an impermanent weakness sign or change in your mood. Rather it can be defined as a real medical illness showing several cognitive, emotional, behavioral as well as physical symptoms. Now that when you know – What is Depression? Check out for the types of depressive disorders which include:

Signs of Depression:

After it is discussed about What is Depression, look at the signs so that you can recognize the illness easily:

Distorted Feelings

Major depression is the form of disorder affecting your mindset and let you feel down about how you view life generally. Having a complete helpless or even hopeless viewpoint of your life can usually be related to the sign of depression. Other Signs of Depression that you might gain within include the feel of self-hate, inappropriate guilt or worthlessness. Often you will notice the common recurring thoughts within like ‘what is the point after all?’ or ‘I am guilty’.

Change in Sleeping Patterns

This might disgust you completely. According to studies made, it is must for a person to sleep at least for 6 to 7 hours a day. However, depression might allow you to oversleep (termed as hypersomnia) or make you spend the whole night walking like a ghost (termed as insomnia). In both the cases, you are at a loss – if you are oversleeping then you are either getting late for school or office leaving your tasks incomplete. Contrarily, spending sleepless nights won’t allow you concentrate on your work which might hamper your productivity.

Loss of Interest

Depression can eliminate the enjoyment or pleasure completely from the things that you would love to do once. This can be withdrawal from the activities you once enjoyed to do such as hanging out with friends, getting indulged into sports or even your favorite pastime. This is one of the major Signs of Depression. You will even notice lesser urge for sexual relationship and impotence as well.

Irritability or Anger

Depression can completely change you as a human being. For example: you might be the person with coolest mindset and love to enjoy every moment of your life irrespective of whatever it is. However, suffering from depression will turn your behavior – you will notice the following things within:

  • Restlessness
  • Feeling agitated
  • Low level of tolerance
  • Short-tempered
  • Turning violent

Apart from these, you will feel everyone taking control over your nerves. When these things become start controlling you then it is really a problematic situation for you and your family.

Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts cannot be listed out of the Signs of Depression. This is the scarcest truth that is connected to depression. In the year 2013, over 41,000 individuals committed suicide in the U.S. as it has been estimated. Suicidal thoughts hardly ever attack one’s mind without showing the signs first. You will notice the person talking about death or even attempting it prior to getting success in putting an end to his/her life. If you find anybody in the situation then it is high time to seek medical help for the person.

Appetite and Change in Weight 

The appetite as well as weight can vary for every person suffering from major depression. Some people will be inclined towards increased appetite which further results in weight gain (over 5% body weight will be noticed within one month). On the contrary, others won’t feel the hunger and as a result, lose weight. A differentiating factor is determining whether such dietary changes are associated to depression intentionally or not. If not then it is a clue that it is the sign of depressive disorder.

Difficulty to Make Decisions

Another major problem that depression brings is making it difficult for you to make decisions. For an instance: initially you would have taken few or zero minutes on what dress to wear yet now you will find it difficult to make out what would look best on you or what you prefer. Similarly, there are other instances that will make you feel about taking bit longer time in taking decisions which would not have been the case before.

Uncontrollable Emotions  

Unable to control your emotions is one of the major Signs of Depression. It takes a single minute to outburst your anger and in the next moment, you start crying uncontrollably. There is no external reason for such changes in you rather it is your emotions that sometimes are high and sometimes low at a certain point. Depression is the key to swing your mood that keeps you away from something that you desperately desire for. Since this is also the sign of bipolar disorder, the two illnesses are confused over and over again.

Reckless Behavior

This is something no one would desire to see in them or in others. However, thanks to depression that makes you reckless without your knowledge. You or someone else, when suffer from this illness takes to some escapist behaviors like compulsive gambling, getting engaged into dangerous sports, reckless driving and even addicted towards substance abuse. These are the things that ruin your life completely. Hence, it is advised to seek medical help instantly.

Energy Loss

Depression makes you physically drained, fatigued as well as sluggish. Your entire body turns heavy which, in turn; exhaust you to perform even small tasks or might take longer time to accomplish the task.

Depression differs from one man to the other. Yet these are some common signs that you are going to notice when suffering from the illness.

What causes Depression?

It is very difficult to answer as there are many on – What causes Depression. These can include financial troubles, trauma, unemployment, grief and others. Have a look at some of the common causes of depression:

Genetic Reasons

One of the main reasons for depression is genetic factors. Depressive disorder when run in family unit increases the risk for next generation. It is believed that the illness is a complicated characteristic which might pass through generations even though the family history of psychiatric depressive disorders is not as simple as in the case of genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis or Huntington’s chorea. There are some other factors influencing depression.

Change in Weather

SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is among the commonly related diseases that affect the Americans. It has been estimated that 5% Americans are being affected by the winter blues. Contrary to this, lesser than 1% Americans feel the heat during summer. According to an expert – rather than enjoying the seasonal changes, the body finds it harder to adjust owing to the imbalances in hormone melatonin and the brain chemistry.

Critical Medical Illness

This stands as – What causes Depression? Here is an illustration to state the point. If you have ever suffered from a critical medical illness then it can prompt the disease in 2 ways which include the following:

  • Either you can get the disease directly from the illness
  • Or the critical illness is likely to trigger depression in the course of related worry and stress specifically when it engrosses the chronic pain or illness for a longer period

So, suffering from any critical medical illness causes depression.

Thyroid Disease

When thyroid (butterfly-shaped gland in neck) does not generate sufficient amount of thyroid hormones (referred to as hypothyroidism) then it results in depression. This is because depression is among the signs of thyroid hormone. The hormone is multi-functional yet its primary task is acting as neurotransmitter and regulating the levels of serotonin. If you feel new signs of depression especially with fatigue, cold sensitivity and constipation then thyroid test cannot hurt. However, hypothyroidism is a treatable condition with medicines.

Events of Life

Research indicate that prolonged difficulties such as experiencing stress at workplace for a longer period, long-term loneliness, unemployment and living in uncaring or abusive relationship can lead to depression compared to the stresses in recent life. However, the latest events like losing your job or the blend of events can give rise to depression among individuals who are prone to risk owing to personal experiences or previous bad experiences.

Poor Sleeping Habits

Everyone knows that deprivation in sleep can cause irritability but it can also raise the danger of depression. It has been found in a study made in the year 2007 – when healthy partakers had been deprived of proper sleep; they suffered great brain activity followed by viewing pictures compared to other participants who rested well that is the same as the reaction being given by depressed people as being noticed by an author of the study. So, this is What causes Depression as well.

Childhood Trauma

Another thing that can lead to depression is childhood trauma that you or someone has ever faced in life. For an instance: if you have experienced something traumatic like death of someone you loved or something else can live a major impact on your life. It can lead to brain changes for a longer period that affect responses to stress and fear. Some other history even increases the risk that includes a suicidal attempt or other forms of abuses – substance, sexual or physical.

Use of Alcohol and Drugs

Both alcohol and drugs can result from and lead to the disease. There are many individuals suffering from depression can lead to alcohol and drug issues. It has been estimated that lot many individuals experience depression at a certain point in their lifetime.

Changes in Brain

Even though many researches had been made in this complicated subject yet there is much to be known. Depression is just not the outcome of any chemical imbalance. For an instance: you either don’t have enough or much in a specific brain chemical. In fact, there are a number of causes that lead to depression. Factors like critical life stressors, substances that you intake (alcohol and drugs, certain medications) as well as medical illnesses can result in faulty regulation of mood in brain. Therefore, changes in brain also are What causes Depression.

Overload with Social Networking Sites

You might feel this trivial issue yet is true. Spending much of your time in the social networking sites as well as chat rooms can lead to depression as well. There have been many studies made suggesting that social networking sites can related to depression especially among preteens and teens. Addicts of the internet might struggle with lack of friendship and human interaction in real life and they might view impractical view of this world. Few experts even call this as ‘Facebook Depression’.

So, these are some of the causes resulting in depression. If you feel the same then it is advised to get instant medical assistance.

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