How To Deal With A Depressed Spouse


Is Your Other Half Depressed?

Handling a depressed spouse can be challenging, and while some marriages have been ripped apart by depression, some have become tighter. There are several instances where marriage partners decide to face the condition as one, and they come out with a stronger bond. Here are some things you can do for your ailing spouse:

Strive to stay in one team

Depression is the enemy you should be fighting so hard and not your depressed spouse. Try and work together to help your partner deal with the depression instead of letting it tear your relationship apart. Ensure that you are encouraging your spouse and motivating them to become better. You can decide to do physical activities together to give them the much-needed support and keep them engaged. You can also offer to drive your spouse when they need to see the doctor and remind them to take their medicine on time.

Work on your well being

When you have to deal with a depressed partner, you can get angry or even stigmatized. Ensure that you are there for your partner and avoid making excuses for being socially absent. Sometimes responsibilities can shift temporarily, and you need to brace yourself to handle that. If you are unable to adjust to such changes, you might end up withdrawing and becoming unaffectionate. Remember that your behavior towards your ailing spouse can make them feel ashamed and shy away from getting medication for something treatable.

Ensure that your spouse is appropriately diagnosed and treated

A person suffering from depression may not be aware of the fact that they should get help. Therefore, as a healthy spouse, it is your responsibility to ensure that your partner gets the appropriate help. Find a way to show your worries and give suggestions of what you feel needs to be done. For instance, remind your spouse that you love them, but it doesn’t sit well with you when they are suffering. Assure your spouse that there is nothing odd about finding themselves in such a condition and telling them that they should not be ashamed. Be more involved and suggest that you should learn more about the ailment together.

Show receptivity

Create a conducive environment for your partner to comfortably open up and express themselves. Listen to your partner without being judgmental. Somethings that your spouse will say can make you freak out. Sometimes, your depressed significant other might show doubts in their love or even see no need to be together. Heartbreaking, right? Leave such decisions regarding your marriage until when your partner has fully recovered from depression.

Visit the doctor together

It is always good to find a patient visiting the doctor with their partner because the non-depressed spouse has a lot of important observations and essential information. As the immediate person, you might be the first to see some behavioral changes in your significant other, and these pieces of information are crucial in treatment.

Be patient with the healing process

There might be some bit of trials and errors during the treatment. Do not lose your cool during this time and work with the doctors. Both medication and talk therapy can help your spouse recover more quickly.


Your spouse needs you the most as he/she battles depression. It is by being there for them that they will heal faster.

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